Public meeting on gangsterism in schools

The spotlight was on gangsterism in the Western Cape again on Tuesday when community safety MEC Dan Plato and conflict resolution practitioner Irvin Kinnes held a public dialogue on the issue.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 7 June 2012

Man on hunger strike in protest against vigilante killings

Nkwame Cedile, a Western Cape organiser for the Right2Know campaign, is fasting for nine days in protest against vigilante killings in Khayelitsha. He is calling his campaign 8+1.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 31 May 2012

Corruption and inhumanity at Maitland Home Affairs

Everyday about a thousand asylum seekers queue outside the Maitland Refugee Reception Centre off Voortrekker Road. They try to get the papers they need to stay in the country legally so that they can avoid prison, fines and deportation.

GroundUp Reporters - 29 May 2012

How the asylum seeking process can be improved

How can the intolerable situations at the Home Affairs refugees centres be improved? We make some suggestions.

GroundUp Editor - 29 May 2012

Why we paid a bribe

GroundUp is a tiny and new news organisation. Less than two months into our existence, before we have even officially launched, we have faced our first tough ethical dilemna: whether or not to pay a bribe.

GroundUp Editor - 29 May 2012

How immigrants are scammed at Maitland Home Affairs

GroundUp received several allegations that bribes are commonplace at Maitland Refugee Reception Centre. We decided to investigate.

Tariro Washinyira - 29 May 2012

Corruption at home affairs - phone transcript

The transcript of the phone conversation between a GroundUp journalist and "George", a man offering to help people to get into Home Affairs for a fee.

GroundUp Journalist - 29 May 2012

Gugulethu man arrested in possession of R1.8 million worth of dagga

A Gugulethu man will appear in the Athlone Magistrate’s court on Monday after he was arrested in possession of dagga worth R1.8 million.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 25 May 2012

Drug house burns down - landlord accuses former tenants

Last week Monday, a house at 28 Van Eyssen Street burned down. The residents of the house had recently been evicted when evidence was presented in court that they were manufacturing illegal drugs on the property.

Tariro Washinyira - 25 May 2012

Police minister visits Gugulethu to address increasing gang problem

Tension and frustration ran high yesterday, when hundreds of Gugulethu residents packed the township’s Civic Hall to vent at Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa about the gangster problem.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 23 May 2012

Alleged drunk driver crashes into car killing mother and child

A mother and her 5 month old baby were killed in a drunken driving accident while the husband survived. "A drunk male driver came at a very high speed and hit our car. Right then I lost my family", the husband, Zola Mateza, said.

Nokubonga Yawa - 7 May 2012

Khayelitsha taxi owners: crime-fighters or vigilantes?

Taxi owners and members of the Congress for Democratic Taxi Association (CODETA) have recently joined in to help curb the escalating crime and gangsterism in Khayelitsha by patrolling areas and doing search and seizures.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 3 May 2012