Taxi boss murdered at Dunoon taxi rank

Two dead, one seriously injured in broad daylight shooting


Brief | 13 June 2022

Hankey residents force seasonal workers out of town in violent clashes

“How can we be called foreigners in our land?” asks migrant worker from Lusikisiki


News | 6 June 2022

Rape survivor gives up hope of justice

After multiple postponements, 27-year-old Khayelitsha woman finally withdrew the case


News | 2 June 2022

Immigrants’ shops looted in Musina

Many immigrant business owners have fled from townships


Brief | 19 May 2022

Slain Durban activist knew she was in danger

Nokuthula Mabaso was killed in front of her children


News | 9 May 2022

Immigrants fear kidnappers in the Eastern Cape

Hawks say they are investigating 14 cases


News | 3 May 2022

“The bloodied hand cannot inherit”, court rules

While the criminal case goes on, a civil court has found that on a balance of probabilities Zurenah Smit was involved in her husband’s murder


Law | 28 April 2022

Judge sets precedent, orders therapy for child rape victim

The ten-year-old victim will receive monthly therapy for two years


Law | 28 April 2022

Terrified Zimbabweans are sending their possessions home

Cross-border bus companies say they are seeing fewer passengers but a huge increase in the amount of luggage


News | 20 April 2022

Diepsloot business owners take on Gauteng Premier

New Act to invigorate the township economy won’t make a difference if basic services are not improved, business owners tell David Makhura


News | 13 April 2022

Crowd outside court demand release of men following vigilante killing

Police were stoned on Thursday as they fled the crime scene with the victims


Brief | 11 April 2022

Zimbabweans live in fear of vigilantes in Diepsloot

Meanwhile police conduct searches for undocumented immigrants


News | 11 April 2022

Dodgy lotteries: what the SIU can and can’t do

And why it’s important that the NPA joins the fray

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Analysis | 6 April 2022

Constitutional Court finds Minister liable for sloppy police work

Minister of Police must pay damages to woman who was held hostage and repeatedly raped over a 15-hour period


Law | 5 April 2022

Telkom has frozen an employee’s pension. Here’s why a judge has allowed it

The company is suing a man it accuses of having sold information to a competitor


Law | 5 April 2022

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality let libraries go to ruin during lockdown

Four libraries, closed since March 2020, unlikely to open any time soon


Brief | 1 April 2022