R4,000 taken from 89-year-old’s pension for a loan he never took out

Black Sash takes on Net1 in social grant deductions court battle


News | 15 August 2016

East Londoners protest in support of rape survivors

New support programme for university students planned


News | 12 August 2016

When can the police search your home?

The Constitutional Court has given us the answer


Law | 12 August 2016

Court battle over Cape Town asylum seekers

Scalabrini Centre wants Home Affairs Cape Town office to accept new applications by asylum seekers


News | 10 June 2016

Minister wins battle with Lion

Insurance company backs down in battle over deductions from social grants


News | 26 May 2016

Robertson abattoir workers hope to head back to Labour Court

Labour Appeal Court to hand down decision within weeks


News | 24 May 2016

Understanding the silicosis judgment

Hundreds of thousands of families could benefit from the class action lawsuit that can now take place


Analysis | 16 May 2016

Court settlement reached in Tafelberg case

But dispute over future of Sea Point property 'is by no means concluded'


News | 5 May 2016

Hearing of contempt of court charge against Home Affairs postponed

Department accused of wasting money


News | 28 April 2016

City loses bid to evict Newcastle residents

Court rules in favour of community


Brief | 10 March 2016

New delay in sex worker murder trial

Trial of artist Mthethwa postponed again


News | 3 February 2016