Cape Town water crisis

What if we turn on the taps and nothing comes out? With dam levels at record lows and rain still not falling, this is a serious threat facing a city of four million people. GroundUp did an in-depth investigation of the water crisis.

GroundUp's investigation into the water crisis

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The University of Cape Town has an excellent series on the Cape Town water crisis.

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Photo of dirty stream

Researchers test nifty way to save water in informal settlement

“One of the things that we’ve done badly across Africa… is deal with the surface runoff”

By Trevor Bohatch - 14 June 2017
Photo of water metre

Some Cape Town homes without water at night as City tries to find right pressure

Councillor urges residents to report problems

By Trevor Bohatch - 6 June 2017
Photo of Voelvlei Dam

What happens when the dams run dry?

Mayor Patricia de Lille: “We are going to have to cut the water off for long hours like with load-shedding”

By Trevor Bohatch - 19 May 2017
Photo of the Berg River dam

What needs to be done about Cape Town’s water crisis

“Decision making … is now lagging too far behind our current reality”

By Trevor Bohatch - 18 May 2017
Photo of Theewaterskloof dam

Here’s where to find data on Cape Town’s water crisis

Government, the weather service and academics need to do better at making data and analysis of the water crisis available

By Trevor Bohatch - 17 May 2017
Photo of dry Berg River

What’s causing Cape Town’s water crisis?

Population growth, drought and climate change threaten the city’s water supply

By Trevor Bohatch - 16 May 2017
Photo of Theewaterskloof dam

In photos: Cape Town’s water crisis

Perilous state of city’s water supply is starkly visible

Text by Trevor Bohatch. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 15 May 2017
Photo of dogs in a swimming pool

Drought: Cape Town may ban swimming pool top-ups

City’s water use still not down to target levels

By Melanie Gosling - 13 April 2017
Photo of low water level in dam

Cape Town’s taps could really run dry

No guarantee of winter rain, scientists say

By Melanie Gosling - 3 April 2017
Photo of a dam

This water crisis won’t be Cape Town’s last

It’s time to implement long-term strategies in the face of climate change and population growth

By Bruce Baigrie - 17 February 2017
Photo of dam at low level

Cape Town’s precarious water supply

Drought has left dams very low but the City is taking steps to secure the future water supply

By Rejul Bejoy - 8 June 2016