Cape Town water crisis

What if we turn on the taps and nothing comes out? With dam levels at record lows and rain still not falling, this is a serious threat facing a city of four million people. GroundUp did an in-depth investigation of the water crisis.

GroundUp's investigation into the water crisis

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The University of Cape Town has an excellent series on the Cape Town water crisis.

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Articles on Cape Town water crisis

Photo of drilling into Cape Flats aquifer

Cape Town is using aquifers responsibly

Groundwater abstraction based on a “no regrets” approach

By Ian Neilson - 9 March 2018
Photos of grape farm

Jobs and profits drying up on Western Cape grape farms

Farmer says his harvest is down 40%

By Aidan Jones - 8 March 2018
Photo of water management device

Water curbs: a tale of rich and poor

Most water management devices installed in poor areas

By Maxwell Roeland - 7 March 2018
Photo of a man washing a car

Car wash jobs threatened by water restrictions

Informal operators say it’s their only form of employment

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 6 March 2018
Photo of people moving water

Here is the status of Cape Town’s water supply projects

City promises to engage with UCT scientists over concerns about drilling into the Table Mountain Group aquifer

By John Yeld - 2 March 2018
Photo of man collecting water at Newlands Spring

Cape Town is paying for national government failures, say officials

Ian Neilson warns that Day Zero is still possible: water consumption needs to drop to 450 million litres daily

By John Yeld - 1 March 2018
Photo of protea

Rush to drill for water threatens our future water supply

Extracting water from the Table Mountain Group aquifer threatens biodiversity and makes little difference to Day Zero

By Jasper Slingsby - 28 February 2018
Photo of a man washing himself from a bucket

Water restrictions hit Cape Town’s homeless

“We might stay on the streets, but we want to be clean”

By Thembela Ntongana - 28 February 2018
Photo of people drilling for water

What is the future of Cape Town’s water supply?

Here are the pros and cons of desalination, groundwater and recycling

By GroundUp Staff - 27 February 2018
Photo of people at Newlands Spring

Stop the drought conspiracy theories

Hateful messages by ideologues can harm Jewish-Muslim relations

By Nathan Geffen - 26 February 2018
Photo of people around a tap

No water, no business, say Khayelitsha businesses

SJC conducts water audit in informal settlements

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 13 February 2018
photo of women carrying water

Drought: the silence of the city councillors

Only seven out of 20 replied to our questions on the water crisis

By Ashraf Hendricks and Mary-Anne Gontsana - 9 February 2018
Photo of Theewaterskloof dam

City’s model shows how we can avoid Day Zero

Getting household consumption down is key

By GroundUp Staff - 30 January 2018

Hundreds protest against City over water crisis

“Day zero an invention of the City” says a protest leader

By Ashraf Hendricks - 29 January 2018
Photo of drilling into Cape Flats aquifer

Drought: City answers your questions

Ian Neilson, JP Smith and Priya Reddy respond to readers’ questions

By GroundUp Staff - 27 January 2018
Photo of Voëlvlei Dam

Have you started your water committee yet?

Here’s how we’re preparing for Day Zero

By Murray Hunter - 26 January 2018