Photo of boy next to paintings

Grade 10 learner sells his paintings to pay for school

Innocent Mukanyima wants to finish school before becoming a professional artist

By Bernard Chiguvare - 31 January 2019
Photo of a man

No need for a camera: Nyanga artist uses a ballpoint pen just as well

Themba Mkhangeli achieves photographic realism with only a BIC pen

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 27 March 2018
Photo of painting

Roadside artist uses tins to show life in informal settlements

I love using my hands, says William Mayere

By Thembela Ntongana - 11 January 2018
Photo of art being burnt

UCT and art: an exchange between Max Price and Belinda Bozzoli

Debate follows release of list of artworks removed from university

By Max Price and Belinda Bozzoli - 9 May 2017
Photos of Saartjie Baartman sculpture, before and after

This is probably the list of artworks UCT has removed

University claims there are errors in our list that we obtained from a reliable source, but refuses to provide corrections

By Natalie Pertsovsky - 25 April 2017
Photo of sand sculpture of dolphin

Sand artist makes a living on Port Elizabeth beaches

Siyabonga Duma, 28, wants to inspire other young people

By Joseph Chirume - 14 April 2017

Dignity, free speech and art

President Zuma and the ANC are very upset by Brett Murray's painting. The painting is on display in the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. It depicts the President as Lenin, which has not caused much controversy. But it also depicts the President's genitals, and this has caused a furore. The SACP has called it sadistic. The president is trying to get the South Gauteng High Court to compel the gallery to remove the artwork.

GroundUp Editor - 21 May 2012