Photo of a man fixing a horse harness

Looking out for Cape Town’s cart horses

The Cart Horse Protection Association relies solely on donations to oversee 450 horses

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 25 October 2019
Photo of person and dogs

Last minute reprieve for Khayelitsha dogs

Mdzananda Animal Clinic’s appeal for help gets positive response across city

By Kristine Liao - 23 May 2019
Quinton Louw poses with Diamond, a 3 year old lioness. Louw started out as a handler, but is now performing with the animals. He says that being on stage with them “feels amazing” .

Circus animals: part of a magical world, or the victims of cruelty?

Protesters call for boycott of travelling circus

By Ashraf Hendricks - 4 April 2019
Photo of a woman playing with a dog

Woman can’t keep the dog that saved her life

Scotty rescued Nonzame Vuyi in a shack fire in Cape Town; now he may have to be sent to the Eastern Cape

By Thembela Ntongana - 5 February 2019
Photo of man and dog

Khayelitsha clinic saves lives of our best friends

Mdzananda Animal Clinic treats nearly 700 animals a month

Text by Kim Reynolds. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 1 February 2019
Photo of man with owl

Mfuleni’s marvellous pets

While dogs are the most popular pet, some very curious creatures have formed lasting friendships with the township’s residents

By Masixole Feni - 22 January 2019
Photo of woman with placards

Wimpy targeted by animal rights campaigners

Faith-based collective wants restaurants to source eggs from chickens which are not caged

By Kim Reynolds - 27 September 2018
Photo of an adorable rat

Killing rats: a clash of values

NSPCA and city’s residents disagree on how to do pest control

By Nicoli Nattrass, Jed Stephens and Jorich Loubser - 23 February 2018
Photo of horse

SPCA dropped by Lottery

Cuts affect services to poor communities

By Roxanne Joseph and Raymond Joseph - 21 February 2018
Photo of a man petting a dog

Uncertain future for False Bay animal rescue shelter

TEARS needs funding to continue providing free veterinary care to animals in Oceanview, Masiphumelele, Vrygrond, and Red Hill

By Natalie Pertsovsky - 4 July 2017
Photo of a man with his dogs

Dogs stand in line for anti-rabies vaccinations

Government on a drive to prevent rabies

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 13 June 2017
Photo of a man with his dog

Fire victims in Imizamo Yethu wait to be reunited with their pets

Animal welfare group says City has let them down

By Nicholas Ashby - 7 April 2017
Photo of donkey

Donkeys smuggled from SA to China for medicine

North West government to start donkey production programme

By Kimon de Greef - 24 February 2017
Photo of Sputnik the dog

How our Constitution views animals

Court says “animals are sentient beings” capable of suffering and pain

By Safura Abdool Karim - 22 February 2017
Photo of front of Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Meet Khayelitsha’s adorable pets

Volunteer facility provides essential medical care to residents’ best friends

By Masixole Feni - 21 February 2017
Photo of a cart horse

Putting the horse before the cart

Cart horses depend for their welfare on their drivers and owners, and the grooms and farriers that help them

Text and all photos by Nicholas Ashby. - 10 November 2016