Court invalidates ANC conference and election

What happens next is up to the party


13 September 2017

ANC stalwarts critique of current leadership: the full text

“The leadership of the ANC … has failed the people of South Africa”


16 December 2016

ANC protests against itself

Pro- and anti-Zuma factions face off at Luthuli House


5 September 2016

“Zuma Legacy must fall” says KZN ANC protester

Disgruntled residents protest against new councillors at inauguration


22 August 2016

ANC members tell Kgalema Motlanthe: Remove corrupt councillors

Meeting on new legislation turns into complaint session about local government


18 August 2016

ANC and the subversion of democracy: history repeats itself

There's nothing new in the imposition of candidates against the will of the majority


25 June 2016

ANC members fear one another after Pietermaritzburg murders

“Political killings have become a habit,” says party member


23 June 2016

“Mobilise for a week of outrage” against Gupta crisis

Here is what social movement leaders are saying about the ANC NEC meeting, President Zuma and the Gupta family


23 March 2016

“Zuma must disclose all Gupta deals and then go”

And other views from the street


17 March 2016

Sanco and ANC members clash following house demolitions

Shops closed in protest and ward councillor's house set alight


22 February 2016

Will North West premier depose tainted tribal leader?

Or do too many politicians have a vested interest in his continued reign?


25 January 2016

Satire and the spear

First we had the Spear, a painting by Brett Murray. Now we have the Dick, a cartoon by Jonathan — Zapiro — Shapiro. And this satire of a genital nature has, in both cases, caused the same polarised reaction: support or amused indifference on one side; expressions of outrage on the other.

Terry Bell

18 July 2012