Photo of Zimbabwe bond notes being exchanged

ZimBollar: A guide to Zimbabwe’s black market

In only two months an anonymous Twitter account has grown to over 21,000 followers

By Ray Mwareya - 18 October 2018
Photo of unrest during Zimbabwean elections

Is Zimbabwe’s killings inquiry credible?

Critics fear Mnangagwa’s aim is to pin blame on opposition leaders

By Ray Mwareya - 9 October 2018
Photo of lorry with soldiers

Violence in Harare: an eye-witness account

“You can vote for MDC all you want but there is nothing you can do”

By GroundUp correspondent - 2 August 2018
Photo of Mbare hostels

Harare’s poorest residents vote in fear

“We live in a pool of faeces. Yet they want to control who we vote for.”

By GroundUp correspondent - 31 July 2018
Photo of MDC Alliance rally

Harare’s residents hail first election where state hasn’t used violence

Huge opposition rally takes place peacefully

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 29 July 2018
Photo of protesters

What Zimbabweans think about the upcoming elections

“I will be the first person to go to Zimbabwe if a new government is installed next week”

By Joseph Chirume and Bernard Chiguvare - 28 July 2018
Photo of dirt road and houses

Rusape residents refuse to pay rates until they get services

Councillor blames Zimbabwe’s struggling economy for lack of funds

By Bernard Chiguvare - 11 July 2018

Rubbish piles up in Harare

Ivory Park residents complain of poor city services

By Tariro Washinyira - 18 May 2018

Zimbabwe’s nurses complain of poor working conditions

Union says government needs to go back to the drawing board

By Tariro Washinyira - 8 May 2018
Photo of Mayihlome Tshwete

Home Affairs bungle separates man from pregnant wife

Immigration official violates policy, preventing Zimbabwean from entering South Africa

By Tariro Washinyira - 26 April 2018
Photo of man in van

Zimbabwean army’s crackdown on touts leaves many desperate

Cities eerily quiet in the wake of “Operation Restore Legacy”

By Zimbabwean Reporter - 13 December 2017
Photo of protest

Robert Mugabe resigns

Celebration in the streets of Harare

By Harare Photographer - 21 November 2017
Photo of student protesters

Students shut down University of Zimbabwe

They call for President Robert Mugabe and Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura to step down

By Harare Photographer - 20 November 2017
Photo of soldier in a tank and citizens smiling

Zimbabweans look forward to post-Mugabe era

But frustration as president fails to resign

By Harare Photographer - 20 November 2017
Photo of large protest in Harare

In photos: Zimbabwe’s “second independence day”

Jubilation in streets of Harare, but a new age of freedom is far from assured

By Harare Photographer - 19 November 2017
Photo of Harare protest

Thousands march against Mugabe in Harare

“He lost the plot and should just go. Enough is enough.”

By Harare Correspondent - 18 November 2017