Covid-19: Informal traders quietly defy ban on door-to-door selling

“I can’t sit at home while my family is starving”

By Joseph Chirume - 27 May 2020

“Arrest all of us,” say Westville residents after torching of alleged drug house

Residents say they have complained about the activities at the house without success to police

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 26 May 2020

Immigrant spaza shop owners asked for “donations” to protect them from criminals

This is extortion, say police

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 20 May 2020

Water tanks run dry in Motherwell informal settlements

“Residents spend time in long queues waiting to fetch water” says community leader

By Joseph Chirume - 19 May 2020

Man dies in first shack fire at relocation site in PE

Households relocated to Jaagvlakte serviced sites in February have been waiting ever since for electricity and water to be connected

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 15 May 2020

Union and nurses demand staff be isolated while awaiting Covid-19 test results

Health department appeals to Eastern Cape clinic staff to return to work

By Joseph Chirume - 13 May 2020
Photo of people outside the clinic

Covid-19: PE clinic closes after a nurse dies and 11 staff test positive

Unions question Eastern Cape Health’s plan for staff at health facilities

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 11 May 2020
Photo of protesters

Staff picket over plan to convert TB hospital to treat Covid-19

Emergency medical services and unions say personal protective equipment is in short supply

By Joseph Chirume - 8 May 2020
Photo of a toilet

Youths grab toilets meant for people with disabilities

Two bucket toilets shared by 22 “disabled households” in Vastrap informal settlement

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 8 May 2020
Photo of an informal settlement

500 households in Empumelelweni have no toilets

Ward councillor says she didn’t know of the settlement

By Joseph Chirume - 7 May 2020
Photo of Supreme Court of Appeal

Landmark rape ruling overturned by Supreme Court of Appeal

Rape survivor who sued the police for negligence should not get damages, court rules

By Tania Broughton - 6 May 2020
Photo of shacks

Covid-19 relocation of elderly and disabled people disrupted by residents in Port Elizabeth

Vastrap residents demand priority for Jaagvlakte sites

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 6 May 2020
Photo of a Zim passport

Covid-19: Zimbabwean nationals ask to be repatriated

Consul General says the embassy is compiling a list of people willing to return to Zimbabwe

By Joseph Chirume - 22 April 2020
Photo of two people in front of a temporary house

Relocated fire victims made unwelcome by PE homeowners

“We have suffered enough in the hall and now they want to finish us off here”

By Joseph Chirume - 19 April 2020
Photo of workers

Covid-19: Hospital staff demand protective gear and danger pay

NEHAWU meets with Dora Nginza hospital management to resolve complaints

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 17 April 2020
Photo of people outside a shop

Police close immigrant-owned spaza shops “for their own safety”

“Police are only concentrating on road blocks” complains shop owner

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 17 April 2020