Makhanda water outage stretches to four days

Municipality calls for prayers for rain, while others pray for more from their municipality


23 April 2021

Overflowing sewage and no refuse collection in Makhanda

Makana Municipality has suspended refuse collection since Tuesday due to protests


16 April 2021

National Arts Festival may go live again

Makhanda residents hoping for a better year


13 April 2021

Rhodes University campus shut all week by students

Online teaching has continued


19 March 2021

Immigrants must be given health care even if undocumented, health department confirms

A number of immigrants in Makhanda say they were denied health care


15 March 2021

Makhanda residents resort to drinking water from an old air valve chamber

“I have never seen something like this in my life. People drinking dirty water like animals” says resident


26 February 2021

Water outage in Makhanda sparks protest

Municipality says problem at pump station will take a week to fix


24 February 2021

Covid-19 grant beneficiaries hoping for a miracle

Monthly grant is due to come to an end in January


27 January 2021

Makhanda occupiers say they can no longer afford to pay rent

Municipality is concerned with informal settlements mushrooming in the city


21 January 2021

When you have to spend R120 to access your R350 social grant

Eastern Cape beneficiaries travel 100km to try to beat the queues


14 January 2021

Families abandoned to deadly asbestos risk

Makhanda councillor says they shouldn’t have occupied buildings


10 December 2020

Despite a court order ten years ago, special needs school still has no building

Amasango Career School in Makhanda operates from six prefab classrooms


23 November 2020

Raw sewage flowing into Makhanda Dam

City’s sewer system not coping


11 November 2020

Makhanda community take City to court over poor waste management

“Our homes smell like sewage and rubbish” says resident


30 October 2020