Men should spend on average 50 minutes more a day on household duties, report finds

Only then would men do 50% of the unpaid care work


17 June 2021

Africa has a higher death rate among critically ill Covid-19 patients than anywhere else

The death rate was 48% compared to the global average of 32%


21 May 2021

Funders of African health research are excluding Africans, say scientists

African scientists call on funders to “decolonise global health”


15 April 2021

Covid-19: Cell phone study shows where infections take place

“Stop pussyfooting around funerals” says infectious disease professor


14 January 2021

AIDS victories show what we can do if we try

We can do the same for Covid-19 and other diseases


1 December 2020

Covid-19: The world’s unprecedented experiment

From this disaster we can emerge better


17 March 2020

HIV drug studies offer patients more choices

But new regimens are not problem-free


26 July 2019

One door of learning has opened, but the others are still firmly shut

Unless we fix the school system, the gains won by the #Feesmustfall campaign will mean very little


21 May 2019

Got a question? We’ll try to answer it

We’re answering questions about schools, social grants, banks, debt, difficult bosses, and even love (maybe)


6 February 2019

Over 5 million social grant beneficiaries to pay R10 “bank charge”

SASSA assures MPs that all grants will be paid from 1 April


28 March 2018

Home Affairs extends deadline for new Zimbabwe Exemption Permit

Applicants have until 15 February to complete the process


1 February 2018

Komape trial shows state at most callous, and other stories

GroundUp’s stories from the past seven days


24 November 2017

How two teachers helped George Bizos become a lawyer

A story for his 90th birthday


14 November 2017

Tokyo Sexwale’s report frustrates Palestinian hopes

FIFA allowed off the hook by struggle veteran’s failure to take legally correct and just stand on Israeli occupation


10 November 2017

How to fix the academic peer review system

And the crux of the solution is that a hundred thousand journals need to die

By and

3 August 2017