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Is there a visa that lets someone who has a South African child stay in the country?

Unfortunately, Home Affairs does not grant visitor's visas to people who apply in terms of their minor South African children.

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Is it possible to apply for an ID for the first time without a parent?

It may be possible if you can get a certified copy of their ID.

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I get an error code on my birth certificate when I try to apply for tertiary education. Is there some way around this?

You will likely need a late registration of birth certificate but you can apply for a temporary ID in the meantime.

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I want to escape my abusive partner and get an RDP house.

There are a few organisations that offer assistance, shelter, counselling, legal support and educational programmes

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How can I ensure that my provident fund payment is divided equally between me and my seven children?

You and the mother/s will need a court order to compel the fund to do this.

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Can an abandoned child get a birth certificate?

Yes, but you may need help to get Home Affairs to comply.

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I am a minor. What can I do if my parent is being neglectful?

You can contact Childline South Africa. Social workers try to help parents look after their children better.

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Is it possible to adopt a 16-year-old asylum seeker from the DRC?

I could not find anything to indicate that it would not be possible

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Can refugee matriculants renew their permits and apply for ID this year (2021)?

Asylum/refugee status has been renewed up to 31 March 2021. You can apply for an ID.

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