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Who is allowed to have a letter of authority for my deceased aunt’s RDP house?

The letter of authority goes to one of her three children.

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My mother passed away 7 years ago while waiting for a house. What is going to happen to that house?

It depends on several factors.

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My late employer's son wants to claim his father’s RDP house where I've lived for 23 years. Can he do that?

It depends on who he named as the beneficiary of the house.

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Should my parents pay the municipality for an RDP house they gave to my uncle?

It depends on the arrangement between your parents and your uncle.

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My late father wrote an affidavit in 2011, leaving his house and everything in it to me. Is it still legally binding?

You may be able to use the affidavit, but there are steps you have to take

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I want to claim my late mother’s RDP house, but my uncle wants to take it. What must I do?

You need to find out if a title deed was issued for the house.

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Is my sister the only one allowed to benefit from my father's inheritance?

Yes, if she is the sole beneficiary of your father's will.

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My father passed away. Does SASSA still pay his grant for this month?

Yes, the full grant is paid for the month a person dies.

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