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What housing options are available to me if I earn over R3,500 a month and am blacklisted?

Although there are other housing programmes you are eligible for, you would need to settle your debts first.

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What does the law says about minors who cannot pay outstanding municipal debt on an RDP house?

The children qualify as an indigent household.

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My ex-husband has stopped paying maintenance and now I'm blacklisted. What can I do?

You must approach your local maintenance or magistrates court

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How do I challenge a default judgment against me by my bank on the grounds of reckless lending?

You should notify the bank that you intend to defend yourself on the grounds of reckless lending.

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I am being pursued and threatened for debt on my child's school fees that I cannot pay. What are my options?

You have a legal right to a statement of the amount owed and how it was calculated. It is also possible to ask for a discount on the collection fees and apparently this is often granted.

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My house's sale of execution and money judgment were heard on different dates. What can I do?

The courts ruled in 2018 that banks must bring both the money judgement as well as the application for a sale in execution on the same date.

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My child's school handed me over to a debt collector. What can I do?

The school does have a right to hand over unpaid fees to debt collectors if a parent has not applied for a fee exemption.

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