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My dad died while on a waiting list for an RDP house. Can his children claim the house?

The short answer

We don’t think it is possible to inherit your dad's place on the waiting list.

The whole question

I have a matter that has been bugging me for a while now. My dad passed away eight years ago and he was on the housing waiting list. He had two children: me and my sister. We can't afford to buy our own house. I just want to know what happens to his house? Can we claim it as his only children? What steps do we need to take?

Thank you.

The long answer

Thank you for your email asking whether you and your sister can take your dad’s place on the housing waiting list, since he has died.

If your dad had actually got an RDP house, and had died without leaving a will, the government could have allocated the house to you and your sister as his dependents or next of kin, but we don’t think it is possible to inherit his place on the waiting list.

You could check this with the Department of Human Settlements at this toll free number: 0800 146 873, but we think you would have to make your own application for an RDP house.

Here is the GroundUp guide on applying for government house.

Answered on May 27, 2019, 12:18 p.m.

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