Can I apply for an affordable flat in the new building in Sea Point?

The short answer

The block of flats (which will be called “The Fulcrum”) has not yet been built.

The whole question

Can I apply for a ground floor flat in the new Sea Point building that is supposed to include affordable housing?

When will it be completed?

Are there other flats in Cape Town in areas like Green Point, Sea Point, Tamboerskloof, Gardens, Vredehoek for pensioners who are not able to afford astronomically high rentals?

The long answer

Thank you for your email about applying for a ground floor flat in the skyscraper to be built in Sea Point. Please note that we are a news agency and not landlords or property owners. We are simply offering advice.

The block of flats (which will be called “The Fulcrum”) has not yet been built. If it does get built, 28 of the 144 flats built will be reserved for rent by households earning less than R18,000 a month. (We have no relationship at all with the owners of The Fulcrum.)

The Municipal Planning Tribunal has approved the proposal to build it, but the Sea Point Ratepayers Association plans to appeal the decision, based on residents’ concerns about the height of the building. So it’s not clear yet if the building will go ahead.

In the meantime, you could look up the City of Cape Town’s Housing Opportunities, to see what you might qualify for, at this website:

You could also register on the City’s Housing Needs Data Base. Their email address is:

Their telephone numbers are: 021 444 6272 / 6273 / 6274.

As far as your questions about affordable flats for pensioners in areas like Green Point, Vredehoek and Gardens go, we do not have the answers. You would have to find out from estate agents.

Answered on March 27, 2019, 11:32 a.m.

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