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My grandfather may have received an RDP house. What should we do?

The short answer

You can phone the Housing Enquiries Hotline and find out what happened to his RDP application.

The whole question

My family doesn't qualify for an RDP house in our village. We were told that our grandfather already has an RDP house in Gauteng, but he passed away in 2006. Before then he was living with us and he never received the house. It seems like he received the house after he left the area. What should we do?

The long answer

You would need to put together all your grandfather’s documents like his proof of applying for an RDP house in Gauteng, his ID, his death certificate and any other documents that prove his identity. You can phone the Housing Enquiries Hotline at 0800 146 873 and see what comes up with his name and ID number.

But you are more likely to find out if your grandfather’s RDP house did come through if you ask the municipality in Gauteng where he made his application in the first place. That municipality should have your grandfather’s file, and should know what happened with the house.

The provincial housing assistance number in Gauteng is 011 355 4000.

Each municipality has its own system of allocating houses, but each province’s MEC is allowed to review applications on a case-by-case basis. If you can’t get any clear answers from the municipality about what happened with your grandfather’s house while your own application is rejected, you could contact your MEC of Human Settlements for help.

Answered on Sept. 4, 2020, 2:29 p.m.

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