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My mother died and I went to withdraw her social grant for her final month. Can SASSA demand it back from me?

The short answer

It depends on when your mother withdrew her grant.

The whole question

My mother passed away in late May. So I went to withdraw her grant money for May on 3 June. But I received a call from SASSA to bring back the money. Must I return it?

The long answer

Thank you for your email asking whether SASSA can demand that you return your late mother’s grant money.

As SASSA is linked to the Home Affairs population register, it would be automatically informed of any death that has been registered, and would cancel the grant on the last day of the month in which a person dies.

If she had not drawn her money in May, SASSA cannot demand that you return it. If your mother had already drawn her grant in May before she passed away, and SASSA had not yet cancelled the grant, they can demand that you return the money.

You can also ask the Black Sash for advice at this hotline advice number: 072 66 33 739. You can send them a “please call me” if you don’t have airtime.

Answered on Oct. 17, 2019, 2:50 p.m.

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