Photo Essay

Life in Plastic City is hard, but being an immigrant makes it worse

Mozambican immigrants and Xitsonga-speakers say they are discriminated against


8 July 2019

No water, no toilets, no electricity in Qandu-qandu

Thousands in Khayelitsha informal settlement hope and wait for basic services

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1 July 2019

The people of Plastic City cannot even afford zinc shacks

People live in homes built of discarded board and plastic next to a Brakpan dump site


27 June 2019

Cape Town storm pics: informal settlements hard hit by high winds

“The house was shaking and if I slept I knew I would be putting my life in danger”


23 June 2019

Hard work and little pay: pushing heavily-laden trolleys while dodging traffic

Competition is stiff between the men who push trolleys for vendors in the Cape Town city centre

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21 June 2019

Community clean up turns waste into arts and crafts

Clean My Space initiative in Khayelitsha has ballooned to 180 members

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7 June 2019

Shacks flood in Cape Town rains

700 homes affected says City


6 June 2019

Nakhlistan’s 300 volunteers will feed 85,000 for Eid

300 volunteers, 169 pots, and more than four tons of meat


5 June 2019

Thousands of learners protest in Kraaifontein

Frustration with overcrowded classrooms


16 May 2019

Grabouw community divided as protests continue

Tensions rise along racial lines


14 May 2019

“I am left with this blanket and winter is coming”

Strand land occupiers who are staying in community halls say they have nowhere to go

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14 May 2019

In photos: South Africans brave cold and wet weather to vote

Voters, including ANC ones, express hope for change after decade of state capture


8 May 2019

“I raised my children by selling home brewed beer”

Traditional beer is cheap and popular in Tsakane township


2 May 2019

A look inside Dunoons new state-of-the-art library

Five years in the making, the R42-million facility is now open


27 April 2019

Cape Town’s roadside chicken sellers

“What I love about this business is that it is outside. I’m not enclosed in a building.”


18 April 2019

IN PHOTOS: Zimbabweans struggle to recover from Cyclone Idai

Crops have been destroyed. And where houses once stood there are now rocks

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15 April 2019