Photo of domestic worker and child

Questions & answers about the National Minimum Wage

This is what every employer and employee needs to know

By Wilmien Wicomb - 13 December 2018

City of Cape Town invites struggling property owners to apply for help

We believe many more property owners are eligible, says City

By Annie Cebulski - 9 May 2018
Photo of Voëlvlei Dam

Have you started your water committee yet?

Here’s how we’re preparing for Day Zero

By Murray Hunter - 26 January 2018
Photo of RDP house

Everything you need to know about government housing

Struggling to understand how to get a government house? We hope this guide helps you.

By GroundUp Staff - 20 July 2017

Frequently asked questions about social grants

Many people posted questions about social grants in the comments section of our "Everything you need to know about social grants" article. Based on these queries we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and responses.

By Gabrielle Kelly and GroundUp Staff - 15 May 2017

Everything you need to know about social grants

For people who receive a grant or need to receive one.

By Gabrielle Kelly and GroundUp Staff - 7 April 2017
Photo of President Jacob Zuma

List of protests against President Zuma

Mass action emerging in cities across the country

By Natalie Pertsovsky and GroundUp Staff - 5 April 2017
Photo of workers protesting for higher wages

Quick guide to the National Minimum Wage

Essential info for employers and employees

By GroundUp Staff - 21 November 2016
Photo of Aaron Motsoaledi

Treatment for everyone with HIV: what will it mean?

Patients will benefit and there will be fewer new infections

By Nathan Geffen - 17 May 2016
Photo of hand writing a letter

Letters to the editor: our answer to the comments “problem”

Comments will remain for now, but letters will be quality controlled and much more prominent

By GroundUp Staff - 3 May 2016
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Believe in free independent media? Here’s something small you can do

We're four years old. Help us be around for at least forty more.

By GroundUp Staff - 13 April 2016
Drawing of Greenmarket Square in 1762

How a slave from Mauritius led a rebellion in Cape Town

And how he was influenced by a revolution in Haiti

By Nigel Worden - 30 March 2016
Screenshot of a graph

Mbeki is wrong about death statistics

AIDS has for many years been by far the largest cause of death

By Nathan Geffen - 14 March 2016
An electron micrograph of the HIV virus

Clearing up two Mbeki misconceptions

There are two misconceptions by Mbeki and people defending him that I wish to debunk.

By Nathan Geffen - 13 March 2016
Photo of protest for HIV treatment.

Ten things you probably don’t know about HIV in 2016

The HIV world is used to things moving fast, in a way that most medicine just doesn’t.

By Francois Venter, Polly Clayden, Anele Yawa and Marcus Low - 22 February 2016