Photo of people at Newlands Spring

How Cape Town more than halved its water usage

Water consumption has dropped dramatically, but there is still more to be done

By Aidan Jones - 13 March 2018
Photo of children studying Quran

Ethiopian immigrants’ long battle to be heard

Queues form from early morning at the Desmond Tutu Refugee Centre

By Zoë Postman and Ashraf Hendricks - 9 March 2018
Photos of grape farm

Jobs and profits drying up on Western Cape grape farms

Farmer says his harvest is down 40%

By Aidan Jones - 8 March 2018
Photo of person playing lottery

Living on a lottery prayer

How poor people keep the Lottery coffers filled

By Roxanne Joseph and Raymond Joseph - 1 March 2018
Photo of people drilling for water

What is the future of Cape Town’s water supply?

Here are the pros and cons of desalination, groundwater and recycling

By GroundUp Staff - 27 February 2018
Photo of model of cute furry animal

West Coast Fossil Park: A lottery success story

Museum showcases what the Western Cape looked like millions of years ago

By Roxanne Joseph and Raymond Joseph - 22 February 2018
Photo of horse

SPCA dropped by Lottery

Cuts affect services to poor communities

By Roxanne Joseph and Raymond Joseph - 21 February 2018
Photo of a lotto ticket

Lottery: R6 billion for sport, only R2.8 billion for education

Sascoc depends on Lotto for its existence

By Roxanne Joseph and Raymond Joseph - 20 February 2018
Photo of a field with a village in the distance

Battle over mining rights in remote Eastern Cape villages

Mgungundlovu residents and government to meet in court in April

By Thembela Ntongana - 19 February 2018
Photo of a woman and a standpipe

Why Dunoon has erupted

Roads have been blockaded and MyCiTi bus stations destroyed

By Peter Luhanga - 16 February 2018
Photo of woman and boy

A Manenberg mother’s desperate struggle to save her son

Shereen Adams fought for her son’s life when he was shot during gang violence. Now she’s fighting to keep him at school.

By Barbara Maregele - 29 January 2018
Photo of women protesting

The forgotten mining town where rape is “normal”

Women and children bear the brunt of lawlessness at Durban Deep

Text by Christopher Clark. Photos by Shaun Swingler. - 16 January 2018
Photo of painting

Roadside artist uses tins to show life in informal settlements

I love using my hands, says William Mayere

By Thembela Ntongana - 11 January 2018
Photo of hand holding piece of rock containing gold

Murder and corruption in the mining town the world forgot

Gold buyers in expensive cars extort rock-bottom prices from Durban Deep’s zama zamas, while the police look on

Text by Christopher Clark. Photos by Shaun Swingler. - 11 January 2018
Photo of fisherman on a boat

How fishing in a Western Cape town is dying

“Our people have lived off the river for years … but fish don’t come here anymore”

By Barbara Maregele - 8 December 2017
Photo of burning barricades at Steenvilla

What happens when people in state housing cannot pay the rent?

A look at what happened at Steenvilla, Cape Town’s largest social housing complex

By Shaun Swingler and Maxwell Roeland - 5 December 2017