“It’s not a life I would wish on anyone, but this is home to us”

A group of homeless people who live under the bridge behind the Castle of Good Hope have over the past few months gathered funds to buy small tents in a bid to fight off the winter chill.

Barbara Maregele - 27 May 2015

Shooting hoops through stereotypes: Philippi’s women basketball players

Even though Philippi female basketball player, Ziyanda Tyefi says the sport is still viewed as a male sport, she loves it and she cannot see herself playing anything else but it.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 26 May 2015

When the state neglects property rights

Fridges, stoves, furniture, televisions and microwaves are just some of the goods that residents claim are taken or damaged during evictions. Shack building materials are taken too. But what exactly happens to these goods once they are taken away? And what does the law say?

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 22 May 2015

Worker killed as NUM strike enters fifth week

About 174 construction workers involved in building schools in the Western Cape have been on an unprotected strike for nearly five weeks. One person died when violence broke out between the strikers, who are members of the National Union of Mineworkers, and security guards.

Nombulelo Damba - 19 May 2015

Awful stench overwhelms neighbourhood

The smell from blocked drains and stagnant water in Philippi Temporary Relocation Area is so bad, that some residents hardly leave their houses.

Nombulelo Damba - 18 May 2015

UCT and transformation part five: fees and finances

Studying at UCT is expensive and many students struggle to pay the fees, though both the university and the state do try to support students. In the fifth and final part of our series on UCT and transformation we look at fees and finances.

GroundUp Staff - 14 May 2015

Former Buccaneers player in court - for coaching soccer

A three year long legal battle between the City of Cape Town and the African Brothers Football Academy (ABFA) is coming to a close. On 14 May the academy’s Craig Hepburn will appear in court, charged with failing to comply with the City’s zoning laws.

Elias Kuhn von Burgsdorff - 13 May 2015

African Bank: no rescue plan for borrowers

The Reserve Bank came to the rescue of African Bank when it collapsed in August 2014. But there’s no rescue plan for borrowers, many of whom are repaying loans which experts say are contrary to the National Credit Act.

Mandy de Waal - 11 May 2015

Detainee tells of shocking conditions for awaiting trial prisoners

After numerous organisations wrote to the Department of Correctional Services, raising their concerns about the bad conditions in the awaiting trial section of Pollsmoor prison, GroundUp exclusively spoke to a detainee in that section, who says nothing has changed.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 7 May 2015

Mfuleni dancers quickstep into top spots

A group of young ballroom dancers from the Mfuleni Dance School are well on their way to waltzing into the Western Cape's top junior ranks this year.

Text by Barbara Maregele. Photo by Masixole Feni. - 7 May 2015

UCT and transformation part four: the academic staff

The racial composition of lecturers and researchers at UCT is one of the most heated topics of debate when it comes to the university’s transformation. In the fourth article in our series, we report the statistics and arguments concerning transformation of UCT’s academic staff.

GroundUp Staff - 5 May 2015

“Sometimes I only manage to make R10 a day just to put bread on the table, - 17-year-old boy

When you’re 14 years old, your parents normally take care of you. But Sivuyile Sibhozo from Site C Taiwan Informal Settlement in Khayelitsha has been taking care of his brother and grandmother for the past three years.

Nombulelo Damba - 23 April 2015

UCT and transformation part three: the debate over what is taught

What should and what should not be taught at our universities? The demands of the Rhodes Must Fall students include calls for major changes to the content of courses at UCT. In the third article in our series we report on some of the debates over what students are taught.

GroundUp Staff - 23 April 2015

UCT and transformation part two: the students

Is the University of Cape Town (UCT) transforming? In this, the second article in our series, we look at how the student body is changing.

GroundUp Staff - 16 April 2015

Riders of the trains

Whiteboy and Tupac are chilling on a bench in New Canada station before their usual high-octane commute to school. Whiteboy, aged 18 and in grade 11 at a former model C school in Jozi, wears a striped T-shirt, shorts and brown suede shoes. He’s smoking Dunhill Courtleigh blends. His “macala” (friend) Tupac is a year younger, with short hair, neat in school rig and black toughees (school shoes) with red laces, high as a kite on weed, with sleepy red eyes. Their excited schoolgirl fans can’t wait to see the action.

Mosa Damane - 9 April 2015

Looting in Khayelitsha: EFF blamed but denies involvement

There was chaos in Khayelitsha on Wednesday with battles between police and residents occupying land, and shops being looted. Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Khayelitsha have distanced themselves from the looting, but residents say it was led by people wearing EFF T-shirts and berets.

Text by Nombulelo Damba. Photos by Masixole Feni. - 9 April 2015