Articles by Mandla Mnyakama

Photo of a man inside a rubbish container

Cape Flats cleaners want masks

Management agrees masks are necessary

By Mandla Mnyakama - 13 June 2017
Photo of wave crashing onto promenade

In photos: Cape Town’s tempest

At least five dead, and many lose their homes

By GroundUp Staff and Mandla Mnyakama - 8 June 2017
Photo of people in a hall

Gugulethu community complain of bad policing at poorly attended imbizo

Residents hope police deputy minister will follow up their individual cases

By Mandla Mnyakama - 5 June 2017
Photo of a man and a burnt out shack

Shack fire claims three lives

Two people narrowly escape Nyanga backyard blaze

By Mandla Mnyakama - 30 May 2017
Photo of train with people hanging on its front

Cape Town’s bursting trains

Commuters complain of overcrowded and delays

By Mandla Mnyakama - 18 May 2017
Photo of burning barricades

It’s our turn to benefit, say residents of Gugulethu informal settlement

Tambo Square families call for police protection amidst protests

By Mandla Mnyakama - 15 May 2017
Photo of burning barricades

Roads out of Gugulethu blocked by protesters

Learners unable to attend schools outside township

By Mandla Mnyakama - 10 May 2017
Photo of burning tyres

Angry Gugulethu residents close down school

Protest against upgrade of informal settlement

By Mandla Mnyakama - 9 May 2017
Photo of Grabouw informal settlement

Land occupiers in Grabouw demand services

Residents cross N2 to relieve themselves

By Mandla Mnyakama and GroundUp Staff - 8 May 2017
Photo of portable toilets

Gugulethu toilet cleaning jobs dispute resolved

Services resume as new contracts signed

By Mandla Mnyakama - 19 April 2017
Photo of protesting bus drivers

Long queues at Khayelitsha taxi rank as bus drivers strike

Commuters complain they were not informed

By Mandla Mnyakama - 12 April 2017
Photo of informal settlement

Battle for toilet cleaning jobs in Gugulethu

Residents stop janitors emptying toilets in protest

By Mandla Mnyakama - 29 March 2017
Photo of police nyala

Rival taxi groups strike peace deal

Truce follows weeks of violence over Delft and Nyanga routes

By Mandla Mnyakama - 28 March 2017
Photo of a line of police

Delft taxi war calms down

Police call for people not to spread panic on social media

By Mandla Mnyakama - 24 March 2017
Photo of broken toilet

Our toilets haven’t worked for four years, say Mbekweni shack dwellers

Municipality blames vandalism for broken toilets

By Mandla Mnyakama - 10 March 2017
Photo of shacks and open land

Gugulethu residents fight over future of Tambo Square

City wants to put in services for shack dwellers, but local residents want community facilities

By Mandla Mnyakama - 2 March 2017