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Poor, black people are still denied access to public space

Our cities show disdain for the poor


Opinion | 11 April 2016

Teachers, students and parents demand toilets and libraries for schools

“Our school has four pit-toilets, two for the boys and two for the girls”, Yonela Jumba says. “These toilets are also used by the teachers.”

Koketso Moeti

News | 16 July 2014

How South Africa is faring in the provision of free basic services

Many poor communities are still not getting adequate access to free basic services. This is despite the government’s set of policies aimed at helping municipalities to provide these services.

Koketso Moeti

News | 26 May 2014

How the state delivered PR instead of services to Madibeng

Public outrage followed after protestors died in January while demonstrating against problems with water service delivery in Madibeng. Until then the state’s actions in Madibeng produced PR, but failed to lead to any meaningful engagement with those directly affected by the failures of the municipality.

Koketso Moeti

Opinion | 26 February 2014

Young man behind Limpopo computer training centre

William Makgaba is an example of a young South African who is actively involved in developing his community.

Koketso Moeti

News | 7 February 2014

Awethu! - the people demand a better democracy

At a mass meeting on 28 November 2013, academics and activists from dozens of organisations, social movements, and local citizen groups from eight provinces came together as Awethu!.

Koketso Moeti

News | 2 December 2013

AIDS medicine stockouts put thousands at risk

South Africa’s anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment programme is often hailed as one of the most important public health successes. It is the world’s largest ARV programme, with over two million patients initiated on treatment. But it has serious problems: many patients often go without medicines because of stockouts.

Koketso Moeti

News | 28 November 2013

Life-saving TB drug costs R676 per pill!

Over 15,000 people were diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa last year. The risk of death for people with ordinary treatable TB is high. But it is much higher for patients whose illness cannot be treated using the standard TB medicines.

Koketso Moeti and GroundUp staff

News | 26 November 2013