Articles by Alide Dasnois

Charlie Hebdo: Let’s not fall into the politically correct trap

Charlie Hebdo journalist Laurent Leger is no stranger to South African newspaper readers. Over the last ten years or so, as a freelancer, Laurent has written several reports for South African newspapers on the French connection in the arms deal, and also on failed attempts to find the killers of ANC Paris representative Dulcie September.

Alide Dasnois - 13 January 2015

Unions should rescue TAC, says Achmat

Former Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) leader, Zackie Achmat, has called on the trade unions to come to the rescue of TAC which has been mired in financial difficulties.

Alide Dasnois - 10 December 2014

Lonmin investor rapped over the knuckles

The powerful International Finance Corporation has been sharply rapped over the knuckles in an ombudsman’s report on its US $50 million investment in Lonmin.

Alide Dasnois - 3 December 2014

It takes a worker 100 years to earn what a director earns in one year

In 1993, it would have taken the average labourer 40 years to earn what the average executive director of a top company in South Africa earned in a year.

Alide Dasnois - 12 November 2014

Marikana: World Bank loan undermines Lonmin’s arguments, says academic

During the hearings of the Marikana Commission, Lonmin executives said the company had not been able to afford to keep its 2006 promise to build 5,500 new houses for workers. Yet a year later, in 2007, the International Finance Corporation had made finance of US$150 million available to Lonmin - part of it for a "large-scale community development programme".

Alide Dasnois - 7 November 2014

Marikana: Phiyega “not fit for office”

Riah Phiyega is not fit to hold the office of National Commissioner of Police, say the Marikana Commission’s evidence leaders.

Alide Dasnois - 5 November 2014

Marikana: Lonmin’s broken promises

Lonmin has broken its promises to build housing for employees, say the Marikana Commission's evidence leaders.

Alide Dasnois - 5 November 2014

Marikana: how the police “constructed” their story

Police evidence to the Marikana Commission was "constructed" at a meeting in Potchefstroom soon after the massacre of 34 miners in 2012, according to the commission’s evidence leaders.

Alide Dasnois - 5 November 2014

Ses’khona and ANC councillor accused of hijacking City disaster relief

Some Lwandle residents have accused Ses’khona and ANC city councillor JJ Maxheke of keeping food and other disaster relief material supplied by the City of Cape Town for Ses’khona members.

Pharie Sefali and Alide Dasnois - 17 July 2014

Andile Lili sets sights on 2016 elections

Former mountain guide, expelled city councillor, leader of the Ses'khona People's Movement: who is Andile Lili? Pharie Sefali and Alide Dasnois spoke to Cape Town’s best known “poo fighter”.

Pharie Sefali and Alide Dasnois - 11 July 2014