Articles by Alide Dasnois

Photo of protesters

SASSA: Dangor says he warned against “immoral” CPS contract

Former top official takes on Minister Bathabile Dlamini

By Alide Dasnois - 11 April 2017
Photo of demonstrators outside court

CPS wants R4.6 billion from SASSA

Proposed interim contract submitted to Constitutional Court

By Alide Dasnois - 16 March 2017
Photo of entrance to the Constitutional Court

Cash Paymaster Services defends its right to profit from social grants contract

Any new deal with SASSA will be a lawful contract, says CPS in court papers

By Alide Dasnois - 14 March 2017
Photo of SASSA vehicle

Post Office goes after SASSA contract

Bid to make submissions to Constitutional Court

By Alide Dasnois - 10 March 2017
Photo of women in t shirts

SASSA fiasco: Dlamini has shown no remorse, says Black Sash

Minister has “failed in her constitutional obligation”, Constitutional Court told

By Alide Dasnois - 10 March 2017
Photo of people in a hall and a child running

Constitutional Court calls SASSA to account

Agency told to provide details of new social grant payment contract

By Alide Dasnois and Barbara Maregele - 8 March 2017
Photo of protesters

Court bid to stop CPS making profits from new SASSA contract

Freedom Under Law asks Constitutional Court to block fee increase

By Alide Dasnois - 7 March 2017
Photo of queue for social grants

SASSA prepares for “tough negotiations” over grant payments

Contract will stay within budget, MPs told

By Barbara Maregele and Alide Dasnois - 22 February 2017
Photo of Net1 CEO, Serge Belamant.

US analyst urges clients to sell Net1 shares as concerns mount over social grant payments

CEO hits back at “unbridled slander” from critics

By Alide Dasnois - 13 February 2017
Photo of people in queue for social grants

SASSA contractor may have to pay back millions of rands

Cash Paymaster Services told to repay profits

By Alide Dasnois - 27 January 2017
Photo of two protesters against social grant deductions

Weeks from grant payment deadline, SASSA still has no plan

Call for tenders suddenly goes out

By Alide Dasnois - 18 January 2017
Photo of Serge Belamant

R4,000 taken from 89-year-old’s pension for a loan he never took out

Black Sash takes on Net1 in social grant deductions court battle

By Alide Dasnois - 15 August 2016
Photo of people in a queue

Deductions from social grants: Reserve Bank enters the fray

Debit orders worth R550 million at stake

By Alide Dasnois - 6 July 2016
Photo of entrance to Constitutional Court

Minister wins battle with Lion

Insurance company backs down in battle over deductions from social grants

By Alide Dasnois - 26 May 2016
Photo of Philip Kgosana

Don’t blame apartheid for our problems, struggle hero tells government

Philip Kgosana remembers the 1960 march on parliament

By Alide Dasnois - 30 March 2016

Some of SA’s top companies are quietly breaking the law

Some of the top companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange are flouting environmental laws and not telling their shareholders, according to a study by the Centre for Environmental Rights.

Alide Dasnois - 8 September 2015