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Appeal of Tafelberg judgment delayed

Cancellation of sale agreement between Western Cape government and the school that bought the property has not been finalised


News | 13 November 2020

Collapsed travel agency owes millions to customers and staff

Liquidators’ first report on STA Travel paints grim picture


News | 11 November 2020

Judge Makhubele is suspended … but still hearing cases

It is unclear why a judge facing impeachment was chosen to hear new matters concerning the executive


Law | 10 November 2020

Elsies River youth start garden to feed their community

The pair are set to start a larger garden in the area soon


Brief | 5 November 2020

Covid-19 grant extended to January

But top-ups to other grants will come to an end, Finance Minister announces


Brief | 28 October 2020

7,000 jobseeker applications handed to City of Cape Town

SAMWU and Assembly of the Unemployed demand permanent jobs


News | 28 October 2020

After years of missing deadlines government wants 18 more months to solve foster grant crisis

Tens of thousands of children yet again at risk of losing their grants


News | 22 October 2020

Employees and customers left in the lurch by Swiss-owned STA Travel

No answers and no communication from management since 10 September


News | 13 October 2020

Court trashes corrupt Siyangena-PRASA contracts

Judges find company to be complicit in “impropriety and maladministration”


Law | 9 October 2020

Foster-care bill will bring relief to thousands

Long-awaited, it is expected to be passed next week


News | 7 October 2020

Scathing judgment against Department of Social Development

Imbumba Association for the Aged to be paid for care of elderly during lockdown


Law | 2 October 2020

Weight gain worries for newer HIV treatment regimens

But these medicines are well tolerated by patients


News | 1 October 2020

Lottery corruption: Has the Auditor General been missing in action?

Not a single dodgy deal uncovered by reporters has been dealt with by the state watchdog


News | 29 September 2020

Province and City to appeal Tafelberg judgment

Cape Town housing activists decry government decision


News | 22 September 2020

PE’s Day Zero: a result of poor planning and a failure to fix leaks

Huge repairs backlog as crisis deepens

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Feature | 21 September 2020

Hopes for new Cape Town restaurant after Covid-19 devastated industry

“Local everything” should be industry’s new focus, says restaurateur

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News | 18 September 2020