Articles by Benita Enoch

Footbridge for river where Angel drowned

Plans approved last November, but bridge will only be built next year


11 March 2016

Health Department to release sex work plan on Friday

But it is unlikely to include provision to decriminalise the trade


8 March 2016

Diepsloot residents demand bridge over deadly river

"We call on you to build the footbridge where Angel Sibanda died before your term as mayor ends"


7 March 2016

Dozens of children have to cross the river where Angel drowned

Six-year-old died on her way home from school in Diepsloot


1 March 2016

Diepsloot finally gets a police station

It has opened eight years after initial discussions


22 February 2016

Immigrant children denied access to school

Dozens of children in Diepsloot turned away over documentation


15 February 2016

Ambitious project to teach rural people to code

Non-profit is offering a free course to anyone who shows programming aptitude


15 February 2016

Diepsloot’s community of cyclists

Unable to afford public transport, this group of 200 people have opted for pedal power


8 February 2016

Paarl shop bans breastfeeding

"No eating, drinking, smoking and breastfeeding in the shop please" - window sign


4 February 2016