Articles by Annie Cebulski

Leading SA doctor calls for head of UN body to go

Michel Sidibe “has at minimum built and supported the environment in which these abuses took place” says Professor Francois Venter


26 April 2018

R20 an hour is an insult, say marchers

Nationwide protests against proposed minimum wage

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25 April 2018

Hope for Maynard Street residents living in limbo

Councillor meets City tenants


20 April 2018

Countrywide bus strike from Wednesday

Possibility of train strike still looms


16 April 2018

COSATU pickets Parliament over “deepening crisis in Cape Town”

Union raises similar issues to those raised by Saftu earlier in the day


12 April 2018

Hermanus residents come out in support of arrested protesters

Scores in court, charged with public violence

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11 April 2018

Herbex made unproven claims about weight loss products

Advertising Standards Authority uses its fangs again after years of litigation

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10 April 2018