Articles for Joseph Chirume

Rubbish piles up in PE

Residents, municipality play the blame game


Brief | 28 June 2016

Eastern Cape government and taxis strike a deal

R1.7 million for taxi associations


Brief | 23 June 2016

Colchester residents demand return of land

Protesters block Addo Elephant National Park entrance


News | 22 June 2016

Carnival to commemorate 1976 aims to keep youth off drugs

But young people say they know little about the Soweto uprising


Brief | 17 June 2016

Taxis bring Eastern Cape cities to a halt

Dispute over permits results in blocked roads and school closures


News | 10 June 2016

Disabled woman lives in a cardboard shack on a filthy hill

Poverty haunts Centerton, on the edge of the citrus town of Hankey


News | 7 June 2016

Broken Home Affairs system leaves refugees stranded

It has been down for two weeks, and no one can say when it will be fixed

By and

News | 3 June 2016

Aspen goes to court to stop strike

Union describes many grievances


Brief | 23 May 2016

Bucket system must go, say PE protesters

Missionvale residents take to the streets demanding water, sanitation and jobs


News | 19 May 2016

Soccer tournament brings together Africans from all over the continent

Mini โ€œAfconโ€ breaks down barriers, say players


News | 17 May 2016

Immigrant-owned shops looted in St Francis Bay, closed in Humansdorp

Violence said to be sparked by murder and mob justice


News | 12 May 2016

Children of immigrants face expulsion from Eastern Cape schools

โ€œThis decision will ruin our children" says woman from Somalia


News | 9 May 2016

Once proud PE school is crumbling

Overcrowding blamed for plummeting pass rate


News | 4 May 2016

Panayiotou murder case brings out rival picketers

Groups of women picket in solidarity with women victims; others support the accused


News | 3 May 2016

Some Motherwell residents boycott Freedom Day celebrations

Shack and backyard dwellers choose rather to protest over housing


News | 28 April 2016

Motherwell brothers use art to stop illegal dump site

Rubbish dump paintings lead to fame for Port Elizabeth pair


News | 28 April 2016