Articles by Laura Bratton

Railway’s R1 billion accident and crime bill

Not enough security personnel to manage overcrowded trains and platform safety


23 November 2017

Slow progress bringing new water to Cape Town

Seven million litres daily added to supply, but this is only 1% of consumption


16 November 2017

Poor service leads to illegal water connections

Western Cape Water Caucus say the problem is widespread


8 November 2017

Water crisis: it makes no difference to us, say residents of informal settlements

Cuts won’t affect households who get their water from standpipes anyway


6 November 2017

Nohle drank steel wool and brandy to induce an abortion

How stigma drives an underground industry


26 October 2017

Dodgy liquor sold in townships

Labels do not conform with alcohol laws


23 October 2017

Gugulethu residents fight eviction

Cape Town Community Housing Company says residents owe money

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9 October 2017

UCT and five unions reach agreement

Second notice of strike by insourced workers withdrawn


14 September 2017

UCT strike postponed

Union and management to meet


6 September 2017

UCT workers to strike over working conditions

Students plan to shut down campus


5 September 2017

Women farm workers protest labour law violations

Survey finds many earn below minimum wage


4 September 2017

Court gives Steenvilla residents another chance

Evictees given additional time to apply for leave to appeal

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30 August 2017