Articles by Steve Kretzmann

Photo of a beach

City fails to publish water quality tests for two years

Public cannot assess effects of sewage disposal in sea

By Steve Kretzmann - 11 February 2019
Photo of train station

Why are the lights off at PRASA?

Claims, counter claims and racketeering allegations in PRASA fencing contract

By Steve Kretzmann - 13 December 2018
Photo of a train

PRASA spent millions on automated gates that don’t work

Lucky Montana used the 2010 World Cup to justify a closed tender for the gates, but work on them only began months after the event finished, according to the Public Protector

By Steve Kretzmann - 5 December 2018
Photo of man in factory

Solar water heater programme goes cold

Atlantis factory faces closure and the loss of 85 jobs

By Steve Kretzmann - 7 June 2018
Photo of Masiphumelele land

Squabble over money for Masiphumelele land

Ward councillor accuses community leaders of charging residents to get a plot

By Steve Kretzmann - 26 March 2018
Photo of a woman with a child on her back

Security guards queue for days to renew certificates

Psira’s new registration procedure causes workers to lose money and sleep outside

By Steve Kretzmann - 14 March 2018
Graphic of tower blocks

Proposed Foreshore development compared to apartheid

Suspended City official slammed affordable housing plan

By Steve Kretzmann - 27 February 2018
Graphic of planned foreshore development

Foreshore development was one of the reasons for De Lille fallout

Plans pushed through by senior official, claims mayor’s executive director

By Steve Kretzmann - 26 February 2018
Graphic of planned foreshore development

Foreshore development violates Cape Town’s transport policy, say experts

A losing bid contained many more affordable homes, according to UCT professor

By Steve Kretzmann - 22 February 2018
Photo of PRASA security guard

Train safety: auditors recommend criminal investigations at PRASA

Forensic probe reveals millions of rands in irregular security contracts

By Steve Kretzmann - 6 December 2017
Photo of overloaded Metrorail train

Treasury covering up grand-scale corruption at PRASA

Deputy Finance Minister Sfiso Buthelezi and former CEO Lucky Montana implicated over and over again

By Steve Kretzmann and GroundUp Staff - 29 November 2017
Aerial photo of Solly's Folly

More questions than answers over delayed foreshore project

City official cites confidentiality when grilled by councillors

By Steve Kretzmann - 10 November 2017
Photo of City of Cape Town

Airbnb and Cape Town’s rising rents: an interview with Chris Lehane

The company’s strategy boss says regulation is welcome. But why hasn’t government done so?

By Steve Kretzmann - 23 October 2017
Photo of man against shore background

Fishing quotas killed Waylon, say Hawston residents

25-year-old drowned trying to learn to dive for abalone

By Steve Kretzmann - 20 September 2017
Photo of Red Ants removing goods

Red Ants turf residents out of Johannesburg building

But legality of inner city eviction under question

By Steve Kretzmann - 19 July 2017
Photo of Johannesburg City Council

Joburg’s new budget claims to benefit the poor

Rabelani Dagada explains how R56 billion will be spent in coming year

By Steve Kretzmann - 23 May 2017