Articles by Lilly Wimberly

Photo of protesters

Thousands march against Israeli “security” measures at al-Aqsa Mosque

“It is undignified and we will not allow that”

By Natalie Pertsovsky and Lilly Wimberly - 26 July 2017
Photo of a dam

What is government doing about Cape Town’s water crisis?

There are a number of projects underway, but it’s not yet clear if it’s enough

By Lilly Wimberly - 18 July 2017
Photo of a train and a smashed car

Metrorail’s smashing relationship with cars

“It will be fixed” says Metrorail – but it’s not clear when

By Lilly Wimberly - 12 July 2017
Photo of protesters

Community organisations locked out of Hanover Park civic centres

City says it is part of a process “to regularise the use of community facilities” in the area

By Lilly Wimberly - 5 July 2017
Photo of a building

Gupta-owned company demands R10 million for defamation

Re-Action Consulting’s claims about Optimum were widely known and probably true

By Nathan Geffen and Lilly Wimberly - 3 July 2017
Photo of properties in Cape Town

Homeless people evicted from disused property in Cape Town city centre

Evictees claim they improved the place while their neighbours describe it as a “den of prostitution, crime, and drugs”

By Lilly Wimberly and Natalie Pertsovsky - 28 June 2017
Photo of UWC protest

UWC activists agree on demands but not methods

Exam disruption sets off student backlash

By Lilly Wimberly - 23 June 2017
Photo of protesters

“Stop looting our shops” demand immigrants

Asylum seekers take their grievances to Parliament

By Lilly Wimberly - 20 June 2017
Photo of a police van

Number of police in Western Cape declining

And further cuts to police force nationally are on the way

By Lilly Wimberly - 15 June 2017
Photo of burnt out coach

Cable theft blamed for Metrorail failure

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Transport appeals to commuters not to burn trains

By Natalie Pertsovsky and Lilly Wimberly - 13 June 2017
Photo of clinic

Cape Town gets clinic for sex workers

Facility aims to provide health care to people who are often stigmatised in the state system

By Lilly Wimberly - 12 June 2017
Photo of two people in front of blown-down shack

Dozens of Hout Bay homes severely damaged in Cape storm

Some shacks that were rebuilt after the fires earlier this year blew down

By Natalie Pertsovsky and Lilly Wimberly - 7 June 2017