Articles by Trevor Bohatch

“This is not a place for human beings”

Blikkiesdorp was supposed to be temporary, but residents are stuck there indefinitely

By Trevor Bohatch and Ashraf Hendricks - 20 June 2017
Photo of dirty stream

Researchers test nifty way to save water in informal settlement

“One of the things that we’ve done badly across Africa… is deal with the surface runoff”

By Trevor Bohatch - 14 June 2017
Photo of protesters

Authorities remove community primary school

Joe Slovo Park parents had started a makeshift school for 400 learners. Education department sayschildren will be accommodated elsewhere.

By Trevor Bohatch and Barbara Maregele - 8 June 2017
Photo of a parking marshal jacket

Cape Town parking marshals made to work through storm

“We are staying in shacks. We don’t know what is going to happen at home”

By Trevor Bohatch - 7 June 2017
Photo of water metre

Some Cape Town homes without water at night as City tries to find right pressure

Councillor urges residents to report problems

By Trevor Bohatch - 6 June 2017
Photo of protest against gender-based violence

Protesters chant in support of penile amputation

COSATU leads march against violence against women

By Trevor Bohatch - 5 June 2017
Photo of a meeting in a school hall

Cape Town students and teachers address diversity

Programme teaches inclusivity whether gay, lesbian, transgender, black, white, brown, girl, boy, from the city or the country, says activist founder

By Trevor Bohatch - 24 May 2017
Photo of Voelvlei Dam

What happens when the dams run dry?

Mayor Patricia de Lille: “We are going to have to cut the water off for long hours like with load-shedding”

By Trevor Bohatch - 19 May 2017
Photo of the Berg River dam

What needs to be done about Cape Town’s water crisis

“Decision making … is now lagging too far behind our current reality”

By Trevor Bohatch - 18 May 2017
Photo of Theewaterskloof dam

Here’s where to find data on Cape Town’s water crisis

Government, the weather service and academics need to do better at making data and analysis of the water crisis available

By Trevor Bohatch - 17 May 2017
Photo of dry Berg River

What’s causing Cape Town’s water crisis?

Population growth, drought and climate change threaten the city’s water supply

By Trevor Bohatch - 16 May 2017
Photo of Theewaterskloof dam

In photos: Cape Town’s water crisis

Perilous state of city’s water supply is starkly visible

Text by Trevor Bohatch. Photos by Ashraf Hendricks. - 15 May 2017
Photo of protesting Securitas security guards

No compromise between UWC security company and 144 dismissed workers

Guards have been out of work for four months

By Trevor Bohatch - 5 May 2017
Photo of protesters at school in Joe Slovo

Parents burn tyres as they demand registration of school

“We tried to do things in the proper way, but nothing happened”

By Trevor Bohatch and Ashraf Hendricks - 4 May 2017
Photo of Proexec logo

Sea Point company fails to pay provident fund despite salary deductions

“That money was going to help me because I have a family in the Eastern Cape depending on me.”

By Barbara Maregele and Trevor Bohatch - 3 May 2017
Photo of Helen Bowden Nurses Home

Activists occupy Cape Town building for over a month

“They thought if they switched the electricity off we were going to move out, but we won’t”

By Trevor Bohatch - 3 May 2017