Articles by Nathan Geffen

Nathan Geffen started GroundUp in 2012. Previously he was active in the Treatment Action Campaign.

Is there really an investigation into police officer Andile Mtshiceka?

Months before Social Justice Coalition member Angy Peter was arrested for her alleged role in a vigilante murder, she had lodged a complaint of corruption against police officer Andile Mtshiceka.

Mary-Jane Matsolo and Nathan Geffen

7 November 2012

Kenny Solomon - the chess star from Mitchell’s Plain

Kenny Solomon is South Africa's first chess grandmaster-elect.

Nathan Geffen

17 October 2012

Better politics is essential to fix education

The Limpopo textbooks debacle has exposed the staggering incompetence of Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education, and Bobby Soobrayan, her Director-General. But a recent incident indicates that they or their colleagues in the Department of Basic Education are also very nasty.

Nathan Geffen

3 October 2012

Behind the political posturing and defensiveness are people with genuine unfilled needs

None of the big political parties are showing the kind of leadership that is needed when it comes to housing.

Nathan Geffen

29 August 2012

Information Technology and the Treatment Action Campaign: successes and pitfalls

On 10 December 1998, about 10 people picketed outside St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town. They demanded that the state roll out a programme to reduce the risk of pregnant women transmitting HIV to their infants and for drug companies to lower their HIV medicine prices. This marked the modest beginning of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

Nathan Geffen

18 July 2012