Articles by Nathan Geffen

Nathan Geffen started GroundUp in 2012. Previously he was active in the Treatment Action Campaign.

Disruptions continue at UCT with no end in sight

No classes, while students learning for exams forced out of computer labs

By Nathan Geffen - 21 October 2016

Student protests are sign of loss of confidence in state

Zuma Administration lacks the moral authority to restore peace to campuses

By Nathan Geffen - 25 September 2016
Photo of Zweli Mkhize

Does Zweli Mkhize have the integrity to be president?

He has put his own political interests above public health

By Nathan Geffen - 19 September 2016
Photo of people in HIV-positive T-shirts

New Aids statistics offer hope

About 7 million people live with HIV, but new infections are declining

By Nathan Geffen - 26 August 2016
Photo of Kenneth Pinkela

Should you be prosecuted for exposing someone to HIV?

Many have been found guilty despite lack of scientific evidence

By Ashleigh Furlong and Nathan Geffen - 11 August 2016
Photo of library of University of Gaza

Flemming Rose, academic freedom and Palestinian civil liberties

He should have been allowed to speak, but the Danish journalist is not the free speech champion he is made out to be

By Nathan Geffen - 31 July 2016
Photo of a building complex

Disappointing study results show how difficult HIV prevention is

Test and treat study in Hlabisa fails to show effect

By Nathan Geffen - 21 July 2016
Photo of Ramaphosa and others

March to Aids conference highlights that millions remain untreated

Optimistic end of epidemic predictions criticised

By Nathan Geffen - 18 July 2016
Graph showing decline in drug-resistant TB in Tugela Ferry

Success against deadly drug-resistant TB in rural KZN

Number of cases has dropped dramatically following bunch of health interventions

By Nathan Geffen - 16 July 2016
Photo of bottles of snake oil

Complementary medicine companies are destroying consumer protection

Series of court actions aimed at Advertising Standards Authority

By Harris Steinman and Nathan Geffen - 30 May 2016
Photo of Aaron Motsoaledi

Treatment for everyone with HIV: what will it mean?

Patients will benefit and there will be fewer new infections

By Nathan Geffen - 17 May 2016
Photo of pamphlet on boarded up artwork

Art and UCT: an opportunity to encourage debate

We need more art, not less

By Nathan Geffen - 14 April 2016
Screenshot of a graph

Mbeki is wrong about death statistics

AIDS has for many years been by far the largest cause of death

By Nathan Geffen - 14 March 2016
An electron micrograph of the HIV virus

Clearing up two Mbeki misconceptions

There are two misconceptions by Mbeki and people defending him that I wish to debunk.

By Nathan Geffen - 13 March 2016
Photo of Thabo Mbeki

Mbeki confirms he is an AIDS denialist

A virus can't cause a syndrome, he says

By Nathan Geffen - 7 March 2016
Photo of distraught people at a funeral.

Mbeki’s reputation is not in tatters because he was aloof

It's because his policies caused hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths

By Nathan Geffen - 1 February 2016