Articles by Bernard Chiguvare

Photo of market

Makhado municipality fails to keep promise

No sign of promised markets upgrade

By Bernard Chiguvare - 5 April 2019
Photo of parents protesting

Parents close Limpopo school demanding dismissal of four teachers

Teachers accused of sitting in the staff room instead of being in class

By Bernard Chiguvare - 3 April 2019
Photo of two men showing an open field

No sign of Makhado mayor’s promised housing

Two months before the end of the financial year, work on the sites has not begun

By Bernard Chiguvare - 27 March 2019
Photo of small brick building

The taps in this village have been dry for 10 years – and the municipality can’t say when the water will run again

Vhembe villagers fetch water from a stream

By Bernard Chiguvare - 14 March 2019
Photo of ID book

Home Affairs tells man to come back with his dead mother

Robert Masuku has been voting since 1994 but is registered as an illegal immigrant

By Bernard Chiguvare - 5 March 2019
Photo of a blind man with a white stick

Blind Zimbabwean loses refugee status after identity muddle

Blessing Marindo has also lost his disability grant and is struggling to make ends meet

By Bernard Chiguvare - 28 February 2019
Photo of a Zimbabwean passport

Woman told to go to Zimbabwe to get her South African-born child’s visas

She faces prohibitive costs and may lose her job

By Bernard Chiguvare - 22 February 2019
Photo of a mural of a head with eyes

Mural tells the story of the Siyangena informal settlement

A wall that could have been a barrier has connected a community

By Bernard Chiguvare - 5 February 2019
Photo of boy next to paintings

Grade 10 learner sells his paintings to pay for school

Innocent Mukanyima wants to finish school before becoming a professional artist

By Bernard Chiguvare - 31 January 2019
Photo of bags of goods at a bus station

Zimbabweans stock up in SA to beat inflation at home

But the cost of taking goods back rises over Christmas

By Bernard Chiguvare - 18 December 2018
Photo of a row of toilets

Shack dwellers ask City to share cost of janitors

Toilets donated to community of Siyangena are kept clean by residents

By Bernard Chiguvare - 11 December 2018
Photo of protesters

Fire victims at Overcome Heights want electricity and water restored

It has been a month since a fire displaced 800 people

By Bernard Chiguvare - 3 December 2018
photo of marchers at magistrates court

Security guards protest at Parliament

Guards demand to be better armed

By Bernard Chiguvare - 28 November 2018

Vendors have mixed reactions to Grand Parade upgrade

The City says upgrade will start in February and will cost more than R5 million

By Bernard Chiguvare - 27 November 2018
Photo of passport

Born in South Africa but not a citizen

Ghanaian matric student desperate for ID to get to university in 2019

By Bernard Chiguvare - 26 November 2018
Photo of demolished shacks

Fire victims rebuild shacks demolished by City

Councillor says they built on private property but residents say there was nowhere else to build

By Bernard Chiguvare - 6 November 2018