Articles by Siyavuya Khaya

Photo of women cleaning a river

How clean are Cape Town’s rivers?

Five years after a clean-up was launched there is progress, but not everywhere

By Siyavuya Khaya - 3 March 2016
Photo of Endlovini residents marching

Khayelitsha residents close down Somali shop

Community leaders say they didn’t authorise shop

By Siyavuya Khaya - 29 February 2016
Photo of protesting parents

Conflict at Khayelitsha school over corruption allegations

Education Department says it has found no evidence to support past allegations

By Siyavuya Khaya - 24 February 2016
Photo of a gardener

Vegetable gardens critical for school feeding schemes

Khayelitsha Schools benefit from having own food gardens

By Siyavuya Khaya - 16 February 2016

Metrorail’s skorokoro trains

Here’s why the trains are delayed every day

By Siyavuya Khaya - 11 February 2016
Photo of parents and children picketing a school

Dunoon parents picket at school

Shortage of space in Grade R

By Siyavuya Khaya - 10 February 2016
Photo of the rastafarian student, his mother and supporters

Banned from school for having dreadlocks

A Rastafarian teenager has returned to school after three weeks

By Siyavuya Khaya - 9 February 2016
Picture of two footbll players

Metropolitan Cup’s scorching kick-off

This year's tournament got underway on Saturday

By Siyavuya Khaya - 2 February 2016

Outspoken residents fear for their lives in Isiqalo

Zukisa August ambushed on his way home from work

By Siyavuya Khaya - 1 February 2016
Photo of large amount of rubbish outside the church.

Churches plead with residents to stop dumping rubbish

Illegal dumping costs Cape Town R350 million a year

By Siyavuya Khaya - 28 January 2016

No agreement on who will clean Barcelona’s toilets

The informal settlement's toilets are overflowing and unusable.

By Siyavuya Khaya - 15 January 2016

“Smoke was coming from the room where my children were sleeping”

Yesterday's fires left more than a hundred Capetonians homeless.

By Siyavuya Khaya - 13 January 2016

“I would never borrow again from a loan shark”

As the festive season approaches, many poor families are visiting moneylenders for help in the endless challenge of making ends meet. Some will give up their IDs and even bank cards.

Siyavuya Khaya - 17 December 2015

Gangsters rob fire victims

After four nights sleeping in the open, families in Military Heights informal settlement near Lavender Hill have started rebuilding the homes destroyed by a fire last weekend. Some were robbed by gangsters as they tried to salvage their belongings after the fire.

Siyavuya Khaya - 10 December 2015

City commits to upgrading Endlovini

Residents of Endlovini — who protested three weeks ago at what they described as the empty promises of ward councillor Anele Gabuza and the City of Cape Town — might have their demands met.

Siyavuya Khaya - 7 December 2015

City steps up bus safety checks for annual exodus to Eastern Cape

The City of Cape Town will, from 10 December until Christmas Eve, step up safety checks on buses departing to the Eastern Cape. But some bus drivers are annoyed by the inconvenience this causes at the busiest time of the year.

Siyavuya Khaya and GroundUp staff - 7 December 2015