Articles by Kimon de Greef

“Not a good place for an athlete to live”

Promising Masiphumelele runner pins hopes on success, but may burn out too soon


12 April 2017

Donkeys smuggled from SA to China for medicine

North West government to start donkey production programme


24 February 2017

Table Mountain’s easy targets: On the trail with a Hout Bay mugger

"You can do whatever you want. You can get away quickly. It's easy."


4 December 2016

Rough diamonds - part four: Illicit digging carries on

Miners are excavating new tunnels

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30 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part three: “If we could work legally, we wouldn’t break the law”

Department of Mineral Resources criticised for its handling of mining disaster

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29 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part two: “We held onto De Beers, but De Beers drifted away”

Unemployment in Namaqualand still fuels illicit mining today

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28 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part one: Ten dead men

A desperate quest in a makeshift mine leads to tragedy

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27 June 2016

Taxi drivers force Uber passenger out of car

Driver assaulted and his license disk stolen, as cab drivers close road to airport


3 June 2016

Uber and out: Drivers in Cape Town are working 24-hour shifts for low pay

“You must be prepared to sleep on the road”


26 May 2016

Uber decision to allow cash payments alarms drivers

Concerns over safety and conflict with minibus taxi industry


20 May 2016

Dagga spraying: police ‘expert’ accused of bad science

Activists and doctors question ties to agrochemical firms


5 May 2016

Battle to stop dagga spraying

Activists take steps to prevent Saps helicopters destroying marijuana crops

Text by Kimon de Greef. Photos by Masixole Feni.

20 April 2016

Cash crops poisoned in Pondoland

Police helicopters spray marijuana plantations every year

Text by Kimon de Greef. Photos by Masixole Feni.

7 April 2016

Taxi strike shuts down Durban city centre

Customers and shop owners hide out of fear of looting and teargas


30 March 2016

Assassinated anti-mining activist knew his life was in danger

Struggle against mining in Xolobeni will continue, promises Nonhle Mbuthuma


29 March 2016

How drought is destroying KZN’s cattle farms

Lack of rain has forced farmers to make difficult decisions


11 February 2016