Articles for Kimon de Greef

“Not a good place for an athlete to live”

Promising Masiphumelele runner pins hopes on success, but may burn out too soon


Feature | 12 April 2017

Donkeys smuggled from SA to China for medicine

North West government to start donkey production programme


News | 24 February 2017

Table Mountain’s easy targets: On the trail with a Hout Bay mugger

"You can do whatever you want. You can get away quickly. It's easy."


Feature | 4 December 2016

Rough diamonds - part four: Illicit digging carries on

Miners are excavating new tunnels

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Feature | 30 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part three: “If we could work legally, we wouldn’t break the law”

Department of Mineral Resources criticised for its handling of mining disaster

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Feature | 29 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part two: “We held onto De Beers, but De Beers drifted away”

Unemployment in Namaqualand still fuels illicit mining today

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Feature | 28 June 2016

Rough diamonds - part one: Ten dead men

A desperate quest in a makeshift mine leads to tragedy

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Feature | 27 June 2016

Taxi drivers force Uber passenger out of car

Driver assaulted and his license disk stolen, as cab drivers close road to airport


Brief | 3 June 2016

Uber and out: Drivers in Cape Town are working 24-hour shifts for low pay

“You must be prepared to sleep on the road”


Feature | 26 May 2016

Uber decision to allow cash payments alarms drivers

Concerns over safety and conflict with minibus taxi industry


News | 20 May 2016

Dagga spraying: police ‘expert’ accused of bad science

Activists and doctors question ties to agrochemical firms


Feature | 5 May 2016

Battle to stop dagga spraying

Activists take steps to prevent Saps helicopters destroying marijuana crops

Text by Kimon de Greef. Photos by Masixole Feni.

Feature | 20 April 2016

Cash crops poisoned in Pondoland

Police helicopters spray marijuana plantations every year

Text by Kimon de Greef. Photos by Masixole Feni.

Feature | 7 April 2016

Taxi strike shuts down Durban city centre

Customers and shop owners hide out of fear of looting and teargas


Brief | 30 March 2016

Assassinated anti-mining activist knew his life was in danger

Struggle against mining in Xolobeni will continue, promises Nonhle Mbuthuma


Feature | 29 March 2016

How drought is destroying KZN’s cattle farms

Lack of rain has forced farmers to make difficult decisions


Feature | 11 February 2016