Articles by Siphokazi Vuso

Photo of burnt fire truck

Firefighter taken to hospital after violence breaks out at Lovedale campus

Students angry over broken promises related to money and educational resources

By Siphokazi Vuso - 2 September 2016
Photo of students in East London

Students at Walter Sisulu University return to class

Representatives say their demands have been met

By Siphokazi Vuso - 31 August 2016
Photo of protesting students

Walter Sisulu University boycott heats up as students demand no fee increase

Protesters clash with police, and other students

By Siphokazi Vuso and Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 24 August 2016
Photo of protesters

East Londoners protest in support of rape survivors

New support programme for university students planned

By Siphokazi Vuso - 12 August 2016
Photo of rubbish dump in East London

Living next to a blocked drain for 15 years

Complaints to East London municipality go unheard

By Siphokazi Vuso - 10 August 2016
Photo of old man

98-year-old can’t find room in an old age home

Man born in the same year as Nelson Mandela can't afford the fee

By Siphokazi Vuso - 26 July 2016
Photo of electricity pole with illegal connections

Battle over electricity in East London

Blackouts as municipality tries to stop illegal connections

By Siphokazi Vuso - 19 July 2016
Photo of people against background of burnt rubble

Candidate for ward council comes to rescue of fire victims

Residents accuse current councillor of neglecting them

By Siphokazi Vuso - 14 July 2016
Photo of shadow over flooded, potholed road.

No effort by municipality to fix leaking water and sewage

For years, residents of Ekwarini have lived in damp squalor, and the Buffalo City administration has done nothing about it

By Siphokazi Vuso - 11 July 2016