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Tense wait for silicosis decision

Mineworkers with silicosis and TB will have to wait a while to find out whether they can be represented as a class in legal action for damages against the gold mines which employed them.

Pete Lewis

News | 26 October 2015

Silicosis case: mines are being obstructive, say miners’ lawyers

If the court did not decide in favour of the gold miners in the silicosis case, hundreds of thousands of sick miners and their families would not be heard, advocates for the mineworkers told the Gauteng High Court yesterday.

Pete Lewis

News | 23 October 2015

Silicosis: Anglo American plays the race card

Attempts by lawyers for mining giant Anglo American to play the race card in the silicosis case were rebuffed by the South Gauteng High Court yesterday.

Pete Lewis

News | 22 October 2015

Silicosis: Anglo American joins the fray

Lawyers for gold mining companies ERPM, DRD and Anglo American added their voices on Tuesday to those of their colleagues fighting the silicosis action in the South Gauteng High Court.

Pete Lewis

News | 21 October 2015

Mines not liable for TB, silicosis hearing told

Mines cannot be held liable for TB, advocates for the gold mines told the South Gauteng High Court yesterday.

Pete Lewis

News | 20 October 2015

The slow privatisation of workers’ compensation

Little by little, the management of compensation for sick and injured workers is being shifted from the state to the private sector β€” and in view of the problems in the Workers’ Compensation Fund, this may not be a bad thing, writes Pete Lewis.

Pete Lewis

Feature | 5 August 2015

Sick miners: time for the mines to share the burden

Between 1,500 and 2,000 miners a year still apply for compensation for silicosis and TB contracted on the gold mines - yet the mining industry is doing very little to share the burden of these deadly diseases, writes Pete Lewis.

Pete Lewis

Opinion | 2 July 2015

The scandal of South Africa’s sick miners

Human rights lawyers have been engaged for ten years in a bid to secure massive damages for former gold miners who suffer from silicosis and TB. As the case heads for the courts, the mining industry is scrambling to offer its own and much less comprehensive solution.

Pete Lewis

Analysis | 11 June 2015

Athlone asbestos victim gets his money

Cassiem Mohammed, who worked for 40 years at the Athlone Power Station, has finally been paid compensation for the lung disease he developed from contact with deadly asbestos fibres at work.

Pete Lewis

News | 24 March 2015