Stay off drugs says Maluleka

Photo courtesy of George Nyiko Maluleka.

Margo Fortune

8 August 2012

George Nyiko Maluleka is the 23-year old up-and-coming star mid-fielder for Supersport United.

GroundUp: What teams have you played for?

Maluleka: Pretoria University, Ajax Cape Town and Supersport United.

GroundUp: How did you get started in soccer?

By playing in the streets of Tembisa. Then I started taking it seriously at school. Then scouts approached me.

GroundUp: What are some of the lessons you’ve learned on your journey?

I have learned that talent is never enough and that hard work pays off.

GroundUp: Who is your role model?

Maluleka: My parents have supported me all my life, so my role models are my mom and my dad.

GroundUp: Who are your favorite soccer players?

Maluleka: Andre Iniesta and Wayne Rooney

GroundUp: How do you feel about moving from Ajax Cape Town to Supersport United?

Maluleka: It’s a good move I think. I feel happy and everything is looking good so far. I had a good pre-season training, so yeah the move feels right and I’m happy about it.

GroundUp: What is your favourite pre-game meal?

Maluleka: I normally have pasta with mince meat and chicken and little bit of salad.

GroundUp: What message would you give to the youth out there?

Maluleka: I’d tell kids not to do drugs and that sports would keep them away from all those things. If they have dreams they should believe in them.