Senior judge alleged to have ordered hit on colleague

By GroundUp Staff

4 September 2020

An extremely serious allegation has been made against a senior judge in a High Court. Photo: Brian Turner via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Did a senior High Court judge order the assassination of another judge?

We have learnt that a report has been handed to the Minister of Justice that a senior judge may have ordered the assassination of another judge. The allegation was made by an awaiting trial prisoner. The report finds that the allegation cannot be discounted. In other words, it needs to be investigated.

The report has also been sent to the judge who, according to the allegation, was the intended victim.

Although we are aware of the names of the two judges as well as some details of the allegation, we have taken legal advice that we have to be cautious at this stage and not publish anything that identifies the judges.

The allegation is as follows:

The Minister of Justice’s department has thus far not acknowledged receipt of the report.

We are confident that the allegation has been made, a report has been prepared and circulated as described in this article. We cannnot attest to the veracity of the statements in the allegation yet.

This is a developing story.