In photos: xenophobic violence in Pretoria

Immigrants stand their ground as police disperse crowds and arrest some protesters

Photo of Somali immigrants arming themselves

Residents of a Somali neighbourhood in Pretoria West armed themselves with stones and bricks as a group protesting against their presence approached them.

By Ihsaan Haffejee

24 February 2017

Against the backdrop of an anti-immigrant march in Pretoria, Ihsaan Haffejee photographed a clash between protesters and Somali immigrants in the west of the city on Friday.

A group of protesters trying to displace immigrants were confronted by police as they attempted to enter a predominantly Somali neighbourhood in Pretoria West. Police separated the groups and released stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds.
This is the anti-immigrant group. They were apparently on their way to a widely advertised anti-immigrant march in Pretoria.
The residents were however well organised …
… and determined to stand their ground.
A large police contingent was present.
Here the police demanded that the immigrant group sit down and disarm.
Police released stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds.
A member of the anti-immigrant group lies injured.
A man from the immigrant neighbourhood tries to calm the situation as police fire teargas.
Police search a resident of the Somali neighbourhood.
Immigrants locked themselves in a home as the violence spread
This man was attacked for unclear reasons. He was saved by a leader in the Somali community who intervened.
Some residents attended prayer as the violence escalated outside.
After the anti-immigrant march, police isolated a group of protesters trying to enter Sunnyside. The group claimed that Nigerians dominate that area of Pretoria.
Police arrested the entire group.
Police found drugs on one of the group members.
This is the hand of a man arrested by police.