In photos: Cape Town’s favourite public space

Thousands visit Sea Point pool, one of the few municipal pools operating during the drought

Photo of people swimming in Sea Point Pavilion

A woman keeps watch over children in the shallow pool at the Sea Point Pavilion.

By Barry Christianson

8 January 2018

Because it uses sea water, the Sea Point Pavilion has been one of the few municipal pools open during the summer school holidays. Barry Christianson photographed Capetonians enjoying this famous public space.

Families from all over Cape Town queued to enter the pool on Saturday. For most visitors it was an all-day affair. They brought tents, gazebos, and cooler boxes with enough food to last the day. They arrived in the morning before the pool opened and left in the evening when it closed.

Besides the beauty of the surroundings and the lawns, parents like the Pavilion because they feel that their children are safe: there are diligent and visible lifeguards, and police are also present.

Some people enjoyed the sun but chose not to swim.

The pool was packed on Saturday, a warm summer day.

But even on Sunday, when it rained, the pool was popular. Lifeguards sat under a gazebo, taking shelter from the rain. They’ve had a few near drownings this season, but nothing too serious.

Despite the rain and overcast weather on Sunday people still swam.