Lull in the storm: Capetonians pick up the pieces

Communities in Macassar Village and Taiwan section of Khayelitsha mopped up, tried to keep warm and assessed the damage

Photo of a child in a shack

Waiting out the storm at home in a leaking shack in Taiwan, a section of Khayelitsha township, with buckets to catch the water. Photo: Yazeed Kamaldien

By Yazeed Kamaldien

8 June 2017

Lillian Snyders breaks wood for a fire to warm her shack in Macassar Village. Her granddaughter, Mary Jane Layman, stands closer to the fire.
Cameron Layman has a bucket on the bed to catch water from the roof of the family’s leaking shack in Macassar Village.
Coco snuggles up near a brazier that his owner, Lillian Snyders, made outside her home in Macassar Village.
Water surrounds the home of Lillian Snyders in Macassar Village.
Strong winds uprooted trees across Cape Town and in this case caused damage to a house in Macassar Village.
Water surrounds a shack in Taiwan, Khayelitsha, which is hard hit by winter storms every year. 
Pools of water left pathways blocked in Taiwan, Khayelitsha. Mantombi Tyhina keeps her feet dry with her boots. 
Nomfusisi Nxonongo places buckets to catch water from her leaking roof in Taiwan, Khayelitsha, and mops up the rain water.