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We’re answering questions about schools, social grants, banks, debt, difficult bosses, and even love (maybe)

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We’ve started a questions and answers column.

By GroundUp Staff

6 February 2019

GroundUp has started our very own agony aunt column. Well, sort of.

While we can’t advise you on love and relationships, we have been answering your questions on devious banks, burdensome debt, difficult bosses and pushy schools.

Many of these questions and answers are useful for a lot of people. So we’ve decided to start publishing them.

Don’t worry, we change the details enough to make sure your confidentiality is maintained. No names are published either. You can see our first published questions and answers here:

We usually take about a week to answer.

So if you have a burning question, why not try us? Email your question to

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll advise you on where to find love too.

Some questions we’ve answered:

I am a transman. I want to find out more about transitioning.

We work long hours and below minimum wage. What can we do?

What can I do about every school in my area rejecting my disabled child?