Fundamental Rights exam disrupted at North-West University

Protesters chase students outside out of exam room

Photo of two women holding each other.

Two students comfort each other after their Fundamental Rights Exam was disrupted by protesters at North West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus.

By Ihsaan Haffejee and GroundUp Staff

17 October 2016

Protesters disrupted a Fundamental Rights Exam at North West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus today. 

The protesters entered the exam and threw out students. Afterwards one student said they were threatened that if they didn’t leave they would get hurt.

Police and private security then came on the scene and secured the exam venue. After about 15 minutes the invigilator called back the students to continue writing. The exam continued, under police protection.

An exam invigilator is confronted by protesters who wish to disrupt the exam.
A student is terrified and others flee as protesters begin to throw tables and chairs.
A student runs as a chair is hurled at her.
Police try to move masked protesters away from the exam hall.
Protesters at North West University Vaal Triangle Campus today.
A protester wears a mask made from an ANC T-shirt.
Protesters at North West University today.

All photos by Ihsaan Haffejee.