Another Metrorail nightmare

Stuck train results in delays and overcrowding

Photo of people walking on train tracks

People walk between Netreg and Bonteheuwel train stations this morning. Photo: Bernard Chiguvare

By Bernard Chiguvare

20 May 2016

As usual, I left home at 6:30 am this morning to walk to Nyanga Junction train station. I arrived at about 7 am. I boarded the 07:30 am train to Cape Town. It got stuck midway between Netreg and Bonteheuwel train stations.

After about 20 minutes passengers became impatient. They jumped off the train and walked about 700m to the Bonteheuwel train station.

Among the passengers were school students carrying bags at their back.

Metrorail announced that the delays were caused by a train that had failed at Bonteheuwel train station. Indeed, at the station there was a stuck train.

One train to Cape Town arrived but I could not squeeze in. Some passengers went to the extent of asking the Metrorail person at the back of the train who is responsible for blowing the whistle to allow them to stand in his compartment.

At 08:24 am I managed to jump onto a train to Cape Town. I arrived at work in Rondebosch by 9 am.

I usually aim to be at work between 08:00 am and 08:30 am, and I leave early to account for unforeseen Metrorail delays.